The Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Stock Market

Q1. What is a Stock Exchange?

Stock Exchange or Share Market is a common platform where buyers and sellers come together to transact in stocks and shares. It may be a physical entity where brokers trade on a physical trading floor via an “open outcry” system or a virtual environment.

Q2. Who can join our Share Market Classes?

Anyone who is interested in Share Markets including Beginners, Employees, Traders , Housewives & retired people can join our stock market classes.

Q3. What can I expect after finishing the courses?

After completion of our Share Market Courses one can get in-depth knowledge about Equity, Commodity, Currency , Mutual Funds, Insurance and basics of fundamental analyses and is able to trade and invest in all these instrument independently without anybody’s help.

Q4. How can I join these courses?

You can directly call us on 8949944903 or fill out an enquiry from on our website. You can also take online courses on our online stock market courses site

Q5. How can I make payment?

You can pay through net banking, credit card, debit cards, or direct bank transfer.

Q6. Who founded TST?

Mr. Harshal Gupta is the founder of Online Trading Company. Mr. Harshit Gupta introduced education onto his trading floor and over time recognized that as internet speeds increased and trading software became available at home, people did not need to go to a trading floor to trade for themselves. But people were still showing up.